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Busy Things is a collection of online learning resources for young children to enjoy at home.  The family version helps you support your children’s learning by engaging them in fun and exciting activities and games which target core maths, literacy and phonics skills and stimulate creative work with colours, shapes and sounds. More...

Loved by children, parents and schools all over the world, Busy Things will spark enthusiasm and curiosity, encouraging your children to learn through play. Busy Things engages young minds through lively animations, bright colours, wacky sounds and an injection of Busy Things humour!


Accessible across laptop and tablet devices, Busy Things can be used both at home and out and about.

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Busy Things Family version on the iPad


Create  profiles for your children and choose the games they see

Busy Things contains a large number and variety of resources – over 600 activities of different kinds calling into play different skills and supporting different ways of learning.


You create a profile for each of your children (up to 5 per subscription) by entering their ages when you take out a subscription. The profiles automatically bring together and configure content that will suit them. You can then customise the profiles further to match your particular children’s needs and raise the content level as they grow older.


Our Parent tools give you full control over how the site is set up for your children to use. Learn more about Parent tools. 

How can Busy Things help you?



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What our parents say...

"I purchased Busy Things to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of my three children.  Miner birds helped my children with their mental maths and supports their learning at home very well including supplementing their homework."
Zainab Bashir

"I think Busy Things is great value and a fantastic addition to my 3-year-old daughters learning.  She loves the games and regularly asks to play them.  Her favourites' are feeding the monkey and painting the dinosaur.  For me, I enjoy knowing she is learning specific things whilst playing."
Craig Simpson

Ages 3 to 5

Early years children

Ages 5 to 7

Children aged 5 to 7

Ages 7 to 11

children aged 7 to 11


Busy Things resources progress with the children,

giving you a full primary school solution


Early years

Key stage 1

Key Stage 2

Busy Things progresses and grows as the children do,

giving you a full primary school solution!

Linked to the curriculum!

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 Educational & entertaining!

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 Simple & easy to use!

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Helping you to support your children's learning at home...

  • 150+ games to  support core maths, literacy and phonics skills

  • Aligns with the school curriculum

  • Customisable settings for each of your children

  • Quick search for homework topics or areas for extra support

  • Activities to suit all learner abilities and types

  • 100s of writing templates to support practice at home

  • Writing and paint tools that are simple to use

  • Huge clipart library and photo bank

  • Works on desktop, laptop or tablet

  • Quick technical support from an in-house, UK based team

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